Buergofol | Facilities and production processes
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Facilities and production processes

Iberian Buergofol has a logistic warehouse in Girona where is the best service to our customers in Spain and Portugal. With a capacity of more than 3,000 pallets, we deliver within 24/48 hours our products anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula.


In Buergofol we have three production centres, another in Ergo.Fol Norflex and a fifth in Pacflex, specialized each one of them in the manufacture of different types of plastic films. Being an enterprise as integrated vertically gives us the better knowledge to manufacture the best products on the market for every different need.

APET FILMS: these films we produce in our factory in Ingolstadt where we have the best machinery for the extrusion of APET, APET/PE EVOH-PE, APET expanded,... We customize configuration of coils and its palletization according to each customer's specifications.

FLEXIBLE FILMS: in our factory in Siegenburg we produce a wide variety of flexible films with 3, 5, 7, 10 and 14 layers. We extruded PE, PA, PP / EVOH combinations to obtain the best results in terms of thermoforming and barrier to gases (OTR) or steam (WTR).

PRINTING AND LAMINATING: we have flexographic printing of last generation able to print up to 10 colors. All our works are printed in high definition Flexo flexography (Flexo HD) obtaining a very high quality of most special works. We print in 10 colors both flexible films such as rigid APET films up to 450 microns and applying protective varnishes that provide the best surface finishes. When we print in sandwich, we laminated films with our machines suitable to work with and without solvents.

FILMS OPS: our Ergo.Fol Norflex production center specializes in OPS and SAN polystyrene extrusion for products such as INTERLEAVER, IML or windowed card envelopes.

VACUUM BAGS: at Pacflex we produce all types of vacuum bags three welding, tubular or type stand up pouch.