Buergofol | Special bags or bags
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Sacks or bags

We produce the best films for the manufacture of large capacity bags, whether from sheet or in tube. We adapt the compositions of our materials according to the performance required as for example the coefficient of friction (COF), thickness of the different layers of each polymer...

Some of the sectors where most such products are applied are to pack water, beer, wine, cream, egg white... Many of them for the HORECA channel.

The compositions more usual for this type of final product tend to be:

  • PE/PA/PE to increase the resistance to puncture
  • PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PE as a barrier film in 7 layers of extrusion
  • PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PE-PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PE as film of 14 layers with double layer of EVOH to provide the best possible barrier properties and ensure the durability of the product packaged in containers
large capacity bags big bag
Big bag in liner