Buergofol | Rigid films APET EXPANDED
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Expanded APET films are colored opaque where the colors white, black and blue for fish are the most common.

The main advantages of the APET expanded are:

The expanded APET reduces the density film in 25-28%, which impacts on a saving significant of the costs material and therefore of the ecotax (green dot) that manufacturers must pay

Generates less wear of the cutting blades and requires less effort with what many customers use it to replace PVC films without changing their machines

Since the aesthetic point of viewThey provide an outer surface with a very nice smooth roughness to the touch

They are high barrier films using EVOH PE welding

They can be laminated as well as not expanded APET films

It allows very high depths of thermoforming without risk of breakage

Suitable to be used with top SKIN film

APET expanded Buergofol film is the best solution to obtain a container rigid is more eco-friendly due to its increased use of recycled material, less use of raw materials, lower energy consumption and lower disposal cost.

Expanded buergofol apet
expanded buergofol apet
Expanded buergofol apet