Buergofol | Calidad y medioambiente
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Quality and environment

For the management of our company we follow the highest European standards of business excellence where we credit him with necessary certifications at various levels. We have the certifications:

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

BRC/IoP Global Standard Version 5


ISO 50001

In Buergofol we are concerned by the protection of the environment and for this reason we seek to always develop films that are economically and ecologically sustainable solutions.

We provide to our customers products with the best quality and reliability of conservation, seeking to produce more efficient films and causing the lower carbon footprint possible. A good example of this are our films expanded APET, which help improve the ratio of utilization of recycled material providing a film with a lower density which affects in a lower overall cost and without giving up the best features of functionality. All at the same time helps to reduce the costs of the eco-tax (green dot) to our customers.